Barbara PadillaMy first album "Bárbara Padilla" is available now on iTunes, Amazon and here in my website, through Paypal.

"Tu Sei" means "You Are" and in my quest to find songs for my CD, I heard it and I loved it immediately, I couldn't breathe! I couldn't get enough of that song... PURE BEAUTY! Even without understanding Italian, I was mesmerized by the melody... the poet describes the person that he loves by comparing it to the nature... "You're in the cheerfulness of the sunny days, You are the everlasting memories, now that you're here they hurt no more, You're the longest Summer of my life You're all I want For me...."
Bárbara Padilla

"When we were choosing material for the album, Bárbara brought the most beautiful song to Jorge and i to hear. "Tu Sei" is one of those rare, magical songs and the combination of the composition, Bárbaras romantic vocal and Jorge's arrangement creates a perfect match between artist and song.
Gregg Field (album producer)

“Writing the arrangement of “Tu Sei” for Barbara's beautiful voice and then conducting and recording it with the London Symphony was a memorable and gorgeous musical moment!"
Jorge Calandrelli (album producer, arranger, orchestra conductor)


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